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Today I am pleased to announce a new feature here on DI. This feature is build upon the idea of making it possible to look back at posts which inspired you. I have received several emails and messaged of people describing an image they had seen here, but couldn’t find it anymore. Asking me if I could remember in which post that kind of image was. How much I want to help, most of the time I really don’t know in which post that image was. So I decided to come up with a solution for that. With just one problem, my programming skills aren’t good enough to enable profiles and guarantee¬†the safety of passwords…

That’s why I decided to work with the options of Facebook. With almost 1 billion people on Facebook, there is a big chance of you being one of them. I knew I could create an app to save posts to your Facebook profile and I already used some of their code here to make sure liking and sharing urls worked with the right details, so all I had to do now was to look into their Open Graph actions. I am not going in to the technical details, in short it is this. A user connects with an app, performs an action on an object and that is saved to their profile. So the action I had to program was ‘save’ and the object is a ‘post’.

After almost two months I finally finished my idea and created a working prototype. I made some small changes to the layout of this website, as you can see when you scroll, the ‘sharebar’ appears with custom buttons. I am no fan of the standard share buttons so I decided to create my own, with a special DI Save button. This button performs the action I described above. After you’re connected with the app you can start adding posts to your account. In the sidebar you will see that you’re connected and you’ll see the last posts you saved. On your facebook profile you can go to our App and see all posts you saved with an image and a description. To get started you need to be connected with Facebook and add our App to your profile.¬†

Connect with the app

Approver our App to get started

Succesfully connected!

On your profile, this will appear in your activity

Clicking on a timestamp will show you more info

If you go to the special app page, you will see everything you saved

Clicking on the number of saved posts will show you the contents

That’s it, I hope you will find use of this feature. If you encounter any errors, or if you have suggestions, just let me know!

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Houke de Kwant is a frontend developer from the Netherlands and the creator of TheArtHunters (former Daily Inspiration, which was started as part of his study).

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