RGBdepth: Combinign Kinect and DSLR Camera Data

RGBdepth is a project realized for OFFF festival, design festival held in Barcelona, Spain. OFFF is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary that keeps being a reference design event throughout the world. The project consists of a series of interviews with the international guest speakers at OFFF festival 2013 (Check out Mattia Bernini’s posts for more!).

The project has been created using a cutting edge technique called RGBD, a technique that combines the data from a DSLR camera and the depth data from the Kinect. This project initiated by Mattia Bernini AKA visualaddicted, has only been possible thanks to the effort and technical support of a series of very talented designers:


  • Mattia Bernini
  • Vita Vilcina


  • Vita Vilcina


  • Simone Nunziato


  • Chris Holm


  • Mattia Bernini
The Videos

Jessica_Walsh from visualaddicted on Vimeo.

Karlsson_Wilker from visualaddicted on Vimeo.

from_form from visualaddicted on Vimeo.

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