Random Inspiration #97

This post is part of our weekly series of posts showing the new work, made by designers from all around the world. As you probably know, you can submit your portfolio to me so I can feature your work. Once I’ve featured your work, you can still keep submitting new work. Your new work will be featured in this series. Also if you join our Flickr Group you can simply add photos and I’ll feature them here. Since a few weeks we have reopened the wall of fame, these works will be featured here as well… Due to a technical issue, last week I wasn’t able to publish this post, so here is one covering two weeks… Enjoy this beautiful, creative selection and have a nice week!

White Lattice Dragon

One Piece Fanart - Colored

Vector Character


Dream Paper Castle #2

Street Art: l’Arsenal – Brest, France

Wayne’s Demon

Zombie Playground

Dog Hunt


Secret Garden

[ Joker’s Origin ]

Grand Theft Auto Legends 2012


Full Moon Through the Olympic Rings

Weird and Twisted

[ Hey Dude ]

The anatomy of Twitter

Bird of straw



Einkauf - Groceries

Minimalist Sense

Minimalist Sense

Eai meu

Yeah Dude

Zoio Throw up

Ilustração - Revista Void 80

Ilustração - Revista Void 81


Estampa Localizada - Cavalera

You got the money, i got the soul

Akte und Koffer - File and Briefcase



Driver´s Cab - Führerstand

Vermißt - Gone Ridin'

créateur de baguette

Schwarze Frisör Fraktion

Lonely Styrofoam Piglet


Boceto para pasar el rato...

Estampa Localizada - Cavalera

Estampa Localizada - Cavalera

1935 - 2000

Estampa Localizada - Cavalera

Villa Trivulzio - HDR

Adidas Eyewear cmjn

Boceto de madrugada

Kerzen - Candles

Happy Tool

Villa Trivulzio

Yet Another Day at the Office

This Way Up

Urban Breakfast

Villa Trivulzio - HDR



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