Random Inspiration #60

This post is part of our weekly series of posts showing the new work, made by designers from all around the world. As you probably know, you can submit your portfolio to me so I can feature your work. Once I’ve featured your work, you can still keep submitting new work. Your new work will be featured in this series. Also if you join the Flickr Group you can simply add photos and I’ll feature them here. This is definitely our biggest post every week and I love to see it grow, so share this post with your friends and send us your latest works!

Contributors to this post: Caetano Calomino, aannda, These Pictures are Entirely Bad, LUCHENTICIUS, Rahma Projekt, DamianMisiura, Diego Meneses Brombley, MrShakya, Marcos D. Torres, ghost pavo, Guilherme Benites, Oli Phillips and Matthew Cusick

Caetano Calomino







These Pictures are Entirely Bad








Rahma Projekt








Diego Meneses Brombley









Marcos D. Torres







ghost pavo



Guilherme Benites



Oli Phillips




Matthew Cusick

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