Random Inspiration #32

In this weekly post I publish inspiration found all around the web on other blogs. Because there is so much art I select the best of the week from every blog and publish it in these posts. Also in this post: new work by Mohammad Eshbeata, Sandeep Shrestha, Franco Mathson, 5 Pieces Gallery – Kate Garner, Rafa Tobias, SNACK DESIGN, p.hodgetts, aannda, MrShakya, almosh82, turksworks, PJ Tierney, DCalonaci, Marcos D. Torres, Carlos Camp and Sandeep Kothiyal.

If you produce something and you like to share it you can submit your work to me, then I create a post with your portfolio. Also if you join our Flickr Group you can just add photos and I’ll feature them here.

Mohammad Eshbeata



Sandeep Shrestha













Franco Mathson



5 Pieces Gallery – Kate Garner

The 5 Pieces Gallery is proud to release these wonderful photographs by Kate Garner. Each work comes as a high quality print, signed and numbered by the artists.








Rafa Tobias

































PJ Tierney









Marcos D. Torres




Carlos Camp



















Sandeep Kothiyal
















Best Bookmarks











My Modern Metropolis









From up North
















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