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Everyone likes to win accolades for their work and if you are web designer you need to win accolades as well as target user base.  To gain laurels as a web artist you need to match the latest trends, as well as focus on your individuality. For this you need to make an outstanding website and for that you need not be a quintessential example of the latest web trends, rather use them subtly to deliver an unfettered user experience. Let’s see what all trends are prevalent in the web space.

Large backgrounds

One of the most hot trend lingering in the web world is using large background. Designers are using large background images that create quite an imposing impact on the users. It is also considered as one of the most engaging design trend in the web development of late. This renders quite an uncluttered and seamless design experience that helps the users to get engaged with their web store easily. Moreover, nowadays its not just the images but designer are now using full screen videos as their cover background.

Material Design

Material Design has emerged as one of the most popular web designing trend in the web development space and stalwarts like Google have delved into material design. Material design is an incredible trend that aims to deliver high functional designs and elegant software. This vibrant design style focus on content and has become one of the most trending design style which is prevalent since 2014 and as it is going great guns it will continue to remain there in 2014 as well. It

It delivers an extremely tangible, game like and unified experience across several devices. Providing a unified experience across numerous handheld devices is one of the prime requisite of web development nowadays apart from just developing an attractive website.

Large and flexible typography

Content is certainly the ruler but how you display that well written content is also a major concern. No matter how well written a content is, but you need to realize that display of that content is of utmost importance. For that you need to have to use quite a supple typographic style that can be portrayed well on all kind of devices such as phablets or tablets.

Card design

When you have a lot of information to showcase on your web site then the best thing to do is to adopt the card layout for your website. Another major benefit of card layout is that it is the part of material design is that it is a part of material design. Another major quality if material design is that they fit extremely well on websites designed as responsive web designs

Utterly responsive

With so many devices in the development space it is certainly not easy to analyze which device is being used by your target audience. Responsive web design has become one of the top most trend and this might be also because of the fact that Google  who happens to be the stalwart of the internet world declared no tolerance for unresponsive websites. This is certainly due to the fact that people are now more fascinated towards mobile browsing.


Everyone is attracted to listening stories and this is the reason storytelling has become one of the most prevalent tend in web designing.  No matter what you are whether a software service provider or an eCommerce store, your target audience need to know your story and this is the reason it is better to tell your success story rather than just making invalid arguments. Presenting your story in a  unique and compelling way is certainly what you need to do in your websites.

Though storytelling is not quite an easy task, but there are a lot of new techniques such as animations and videos that help to render the stories in the best way to tell your story.

Hidden menus

Hidden menus have grown out to be a major web design trend and hamburger menu has become a most common variation and this has grown out to be a great market trend. Though it was specially designed for rendering smooth experience to mobile users , but their popularity and usability has helped them to earn a good spot in desktop designing.

As we can see that there is considerable proliferation in the web space and one can actually not speculate what kind of devices people are using for the development. This is the reason why hidden menus have become very much popular.

Rich animations

Animations have undoubtedly become one of the most engaging factor in developing mobile devices and this is the reason why we  have seen that Animations are all over the development trend.  eCommerce websites have also adopted animations in order to deliver a smooth shopping experience to the users.  Animations if used subtly can do wonders in rendering an imposing impact on the users.  Using animations also helps the users to deliver that the website do cares for their user’s experience.

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