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Gearing up for its annual Dream Car Week, Velocity turned to 2C Creative for a campaign as sexy, sleek and fast as the gorgeous machines featured every year. The goal was to find a fresh approach in driving viewers to the themed primetime event, which kicks off August 3rd with four nights of fan-favorite dream car programming before culminating August 7th with the live Barrett-Jackson: Reno auto auction, a dream car lover’s ultimate spectacle.

Velocity asked 2C to bring a summer sensibility, speed and sex appeal in elevating the clip-based promo, and then follow it through to the main event with a graphic toolkit that could be used for the auction’s live packages featuring network personality Chris Jacobs.

2C’s design team created a narrative focusing on the fine details, with macro, sexy shots, shiny chrome and every detail that makes these cars rise above the standard machine and be considered “dream cars.” Without having to be so overt with the seasons, they made sure the look of the design carried the feeling of summer, which accomplished that goal for the client. 2C then focused on the characteristics of the shows that make them each stand out and matched those up with the characteristics of dream cars. This work involved specialized 3D modeling and animation that really brought it all together with a sleek, sexy energy.

In the end, 2C delivered an extensive package that included a launch/continuity promo, Dream Car Week title treatment, graphic night open, custom show title card bump ins & outs, IPM, on-air bug, animated network logo, transitions, lower 3rd and sponsor backgrounds.
Project Credits:


Patricia Tong – Creative Director

Darci Dunnagan – Marketing Production Manager

2C Creative

Chris Sloan – Chief Creative Officer

Ben Frank – Writer/Producer

Luis Martinez – Design Director

Dmitri Zavyazkin – 3D Artist, Compositor

Andy Fernandez – Designer, 3D Artist, Compositor

Bob Cobb – Animator

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