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Conventionally also called mouth, this body part serves for the intake of food, the respiration and the articulation. Without mouth we could not live, would have to breathe through the nose and the speech would be refused to us.

In my project I wanted to make clear which importance the mouth has in our lives – not only as a linguistic tools. It is significant for feeding, does not only keep us alive, but makes the life worth living by manifold tastes. It forms words, which reach others, can move, comfort – words, which express joy and happiness, fury, envy or grief. We can recognize whether somebody is loudly or quiet, contently or disgruntled. Wrinkles dig around the mouth corners into our skin, tell stories. All this is included in the pictures, which originated during my social internship. They testify for lived life, for satisfaction and proud age.

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by Philipp F. Trübiger

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