Minimal Numbers – Power of Simplicity

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“Less is more” as a lot of you know, means representing something with the less details possible and still recognise it.
less visual, more communication.

Minimalism, in graphic design/visual communication is not about taking something and turn it into a thin outline as a lot of people think it is, it goes beyond of that, it’s about the concept and how you can represent something in a graphic/visual element with less details possible and still recognise it in a small amount of time, that is my opinion about simplicity and minimalism.

In this personal project, I tried to show the definition of simplicity and minimalism presenting numbers using simple round and straight forms as an example and also with famous brands in my previous personal project.

“Would it have worked better with thin lines? Would it be “more minimal” with thinner lines?” No and no, because once again that is not the definition of simplicity and/or minimalism, but it could have been an option to use thinner lines.
“could the numbers be represented in another minimalistic way?” Of course, I believe that is just one of many other ways to represent numbers in a minimal form and still recognise them in a small amount of time.

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by Pedro Almeida

  • #3C3C3C
  • #565656
  • #848484
  • #040404
  • #1C1C1C
  • #F2F2F2
  • #7C7C7C
  • #747474
  • #343434
  • #292929

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