Lonely Man (Album) – Happy Birthday / Family (Film + Split)

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I made this song because I spent five years in Philadelphia’s rap game as a humble publicist; learning; and eventually realizing I was the most talented creative. My biggest influences are Stanley Kubrick, Frederick Wiseman, Eminem, DJ Tiesto and NIN. I am shooting a horror film this summer and scoring it as well per my Film Bachelors and DJ history. On June 23rd (happy bday) I will release an album written and produced by myself. This soundcloud is all frustrated-about-life freestyles that you may consider raw demos. The premier production company financing the film I wrote [and will direct] is Recorded Picture Company.

I have four projects that are the best ever to me and the attached storyboard is a preview of the last which is an R rated comic/epic/fantasy for screen.

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by hotjesus

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