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Kurubi Brazilian Coffee provides flavors that the whole world will want to try. This strong, bold coffee brand incorporates inspiration of Brazil that goes beyond the typical soccer or Ipanema references and instead focuses on the core of the country. Espinafre Comunicadores designed the packaging for Kurubi, using tribal designs and images of freshly harvested coffee beans to showcase the product.

Derived from the Tupi word ‘ITAKURUBI,’ Kurubi means ‘gravel/grain,’ which would be the blending of Brazilian people and the land in which our coffee grows. Pedregulho (‘gravel’) is the name of a city, in the state of São Paulo, where our coffee and our brand’s history grow. Kurubi coffee embodies a familiar dream and the desire to present you one of the best coffees in the world, thus revealing a culture other than the one already explored {samba, carnival, and soccer}. KURUBI coffee bears in its name the origin of our coffee plantations, the respect for the peoples that built the country’s roots and Fazenda Santo Antônio’s 50-year tradition of production of special coffees. The Brazilian flavors exhale the scent from our land and the love in our struggling people, which deserve to be experienced worldwide. The blending of feelings and flavors entails the birth of our brand. Thus, we can say that Kurubi is a fruit of this land, which is absolutely true.


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