In my spare time I started working on a project called icon-a-day. Initially it was a personal mission to evolve as an artist, using my skills in all design genres as a media for both inspiration and expression.
I draw my inspiration from everyday life, work, nature and even my friends who are my biggest support. What started as simple icons grew along my skills, and they evolved to full illustrations. What I’m most happy about is the visible progress – if you compare my first icon, and those that came after it, you can see how my technique changed, and I think that in some cases my skills improved greatly.
I will continue on, towards my goal: 365 icons – one for each day.

No description

by Marko Stupić

  • #C5C0AC
  • #D9A25A
  • #ACCCD4
  • #F4CF61
  • #BACCC8
  • #BCD4D4
  • #9CDBEC
  • #C9B496
  • #B4E4FB
  • #C4EBFB

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