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SMFB Oslo and Geox Italy teamed up with Trizz and co-founding director Oriol Puig, to create two epic spots “Breathe”; Geox’s introduction to a whole new visual approach and style.
“Breathe” features unique Geox technology and materials that provide new design, air flow & comfort.
Oriol re-imagined an epic and gorgeous construction of the shoes and air technology in 3d photo real details, creating fantastic visual connections to the inner workings of the shoes and ending on a modern setting (Barcelona) with a live action step forward into tranquil comfort.
Our Trizz team worked side-by-side with Oriol, developing 3d style frames, storyboards, simulations, hand animation and retouch in order get both films on the German airwaves, in record time.
Original music by Alejandro Candela:

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by Laura Ibañez

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