First Ever Five Piop Art Walls

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Pretend you’re standing outside on a sunny day in london and you see a newspaper with a title that says, “arthur lugauskas is crazy because he thinks his piop art walls are ahead of their time.” and right next to that newspaper you see me – arthur lugauskas himself. what do you think i’m doing? my guess is that i’m probably standing and thinking about this newspaper heading like i stand and think in front of walls when i do piop art on them. you decide to approach me and ask about my first ever five piop art walls that you saw during an art show they were part of at gmu. then i kindly and, soon enough, passionately begin to speak and say the following:
“well, i didn’t really know what i was doing. i kind of knew to an extent, but not fully. and i made up this term ‘piop art.’ which means ‘perspectives inside of perspectives art.’ i felt like that’s where a certain kind of art i was doing fit categorically. and i actually got criticized for making up this ‘form of art’ and not fully knowing what i was doing. i was just being a kid, a creative, having fun playing. and i think kids are the geniuses of today’s day and age because they are everything and anything they want to be, they’re honest, they say what they feel and what’s real, and they’re leaders of their own thoughts and ideas. now note, i have ideas of what those first ever five piop art walls are about. like, they are my thoughts, ways of looking at space, inspiration for literally anyone who gives them some time, et cetera. and i could go on and on, but let’s pause for a second. pause. okay, actually these walls are probably about individuality. or maybe they’re more about you. like, you. choose to see what you want to see. which space do you want to enter? what’s your perspective on life when you analyze these walls more and more? and listen, what i want is for these walls to help you in your life, help you connect dots like no one ever will, bring the most creative creativity out of you, give you ideas to help advance society, design, architecture, thinking, and ideas themselves in ways that have never been tried or looked at.. and then at some point i realized that these walls are ahead of their time if i think they could do such an impact to any individual that confronts them. and i know i’m ‘not supposed’ to say that out loud. because i guess it’s an arrogant thing to say or it’s something about ego or whatever. but, it’s not about that! it’s about being creative, shaping your world the way you want to, not following what you think you should follow because of ‘politics’ or ‘societal norms,’ and being individual and knowing that you could literally do anything you want in this world, call yourself whatever you think you are, and be anything! if you think of something or have dreams, don’t be afraid to let your thoughts out and make your dreams come true! too many people are afraid! too many! maybe they’ll be judged, hated on, ridiculed, et cetera! but don’t worry! currently there are more dreamkillers than dreamers out there! and note, the dreamers are the ones who change the world! listen, i don’t want your dreams to die. and understand that i’m holding on to my dreams very tightly, but i’m definitely getting beat up and laughed at and talked negatively about, especially behind my back. i feel it. but, that’s what happens when you speak truth. that’s what happens when you’re real. and it’s not easy to give truth to people. but, it’s also not easy to take truth. wait, actually maybe it’s simply all about perception. what’s your perception of me? i wonder. because i’m sure some people are thinking, ‘don’t say anything, ever.’”

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by Arthur Lugausaks

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