In a project created by AlmapBBDO, a giant eucalyptus is “replanted” by Eduardo Srur in Ibirapuera park
The objective of the #ARVORESCAIDAS project, done for Panamericana Escola de Arte and Design, is to alert the population and make them aware of the problem of fallen trees in São Paulo
On Saturday, 6/29, at 11 am, at Praça da Paz in Parque Ibirapuera, plastic artist Eduardo Srur, Panamericana Escola de Arte and Design and Parque Ibirapuera launched the installation #ARVORESCAIDAS (FALLEN TREES), a project created by AlmapBBDO for the school that aims at showing how art’s transformation power can help call the population’s attention and make them aware of the fallen tree problem in São Paulo, as well as inform how society can help the city avoid it.
Invited by AlmapBBDO to participate in the project, plastic artist Eduardo Srur replanted, at Praça da Paz, a central part of Ibirapuera, a 20-ton eucalyptus that had fallen in the Park in January. In this case, “replanting” is a figure of speech, since it’s an art installation fixed to the floor with a hyper-realistic mannequin upside down embracing the trunk. With it, Srur makes a metaphor of man’s inverted relationship with nature. The project also intends to ask the public to help him map trees in danger of falling, photographing them and posting them with the hashtag #arvorescaidas on social networks.
The project was done by copywriter Gustavo Neves and art director Tiago Padilia, with content direction by Chris Mello. It was created last January, when São Paulo registered 1,700 fallen trees, about 700 in just 4 days. The chaos caused by these fallen trees inspired the project, which received the name #ARVORESCAIDAS (fallen trees). In January, the trees fell due to the strong rains, wind, their advanced age, pest infestation and erratic management. After that period, the problem had apparently been forgotten, but it’s probable it will happen again when the rain season resumes. If the public becomes aware of the trees’ importance and how they should be treated, it could help minimize the problem. That’s the project’s objective.

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