The Imarginal was created as a duo of collaborative drawing, experimenting the drawing by four hands. After three years of work, Fernando Moraes continued with Imarginal individually, produced the picture NOYA and the Divorzia, and continued the tattoo work. Now the artistic collaborative production goes to a new experience of drawing by four hands, this time in partnership with the urban artist and tattooist SANG.

This project begins with the production of EVO, a work that speaks our way about creations and universes. The images are inserted as one bonding process, and it was structured while we put the creatures that pointed how it would be the creation of a new galaxy from what our imagery drew. The painting depicts the emergence of life in the universe through a ludic form. The usage black bring density and made possible that we use the full negative that antagonized the bottom of the frame, which was the result of an extensive study of textures, anatomies, volumes and perspective.

Nankin – 0.3 // 0.1 // 0.05 – Posca – Fine// Medium

Acrylic Posca (White) – Loupe –

Size :: 1,0 m x 70 cm

Time of creation :: two months

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by Fernando Moraes

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