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“Daily Photo Project Series” is an art project documenting my life at 17:55 for 261 days. A single photo is taken daily capturing what my eyes see at this very moment. The aim of the project is to follow my life at the same minute every day, as a means to create mapping through photographs as a visual medium that can uncover patterning, and attempt to answer the greater question of – “is life as random as we think?”. And if it is not, can we predict what will happen next? Many seconds and minutes of each day of our lives are forgotten almost as soon as they are lived, and down the road events lead us to wonder “how” what is happening to us now can be happening. Numbers are used as markers in this project alongside my lens and eye to decode possible mathematical, karmic, and cyclical patterning to our lives. 261 days is the active photo-taking part of the project, which follows my life according to moon cycles. Day one signified 17:55 as the beginning of the project and coincided with a full moon. Sacred numerology explains the number 9 as the number for universal love, eternity, karma, and inner-wisdom. A moon cycle consists of 29 days. 261 days divided by 29 equals 9. Likewise, when using 24 hour time the summation of 17:55 as, 1 + 7 + 5 + 5 = 18. And furthermore adding the total 18 as 1 + 8 again equals 9. The results are what you see and what you will, where despite mathematics or numerological patterning and cycles, what always remains is beauty of life residing in the details. For a full overview of the project as it unfolds visit my instagram feed https://instagram.com/dailyphotoprojectseries/

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by Mariana Jocic

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