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Manuela Marchetti is a goldsmith of great talent, his peculiarity is to be able to blend new technologies with the oldest craftsmanship techniques.
All her productions are excellent workmanship and show agreat manual technique and a big passion for her craft.
In occasion of the opening of his goldsmith workshop, in the center of Rome, I had the pleasure to collaborating with her in the creation of her brand identity.
The purpose was to create a brand identity that was distinct from those we are used to seeing in the usual way and that it could unite modern and traditional.

For the realization of the logo I played with the shape of diamond, symbol of luxury and jewelery.
One of the most important aspects of the project was to convey the duality between modern and traditional, passion and professionalism; duality that we find in the two sections of the diamond and in the contrast between angular and rounded shapes.
In addition, the lines that make up the diamond crown form “M”, which are indicative of the initials of the craftswoman.
The gold color is a clear reference to the world of jewelery and luxury, while white and pink serve to lighten the various compositions, giving it a minimal and elegant look.

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