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This August, sculptor Jenni Ward and photographer Herb Segars collaborated on a project seventy feet under the Atlantic Ocean. Their goal was to showcase the ceramic sculptures from Ward’s Bone Series using an artificial reef off the New Jersey coastline named The Dykes as the backdrop. The Bone Series pieces are abstract interpretations of biological sea dwelling creatures that may have had fleshy fins or appendages and these bone structures are all that remains. Ward says, “Using bones as a reference in my work alludes to concepts of decay and renewal, the past and the present, interior structures and exterior forms. The shipwrecks these pieces were placed on share the same references as their disintegrating structures become an artificial reef for new growth to thrive on” Segars documented the sculptures as they moved with the surge of the waves, capturing the work in its seemingly natural environment. With concerns of ocean acidification, pollution and rising ocean temperatures, the two plan for another larger scale underwater exhibition using art as the vehicle to bring awareness of these wild places and their need for protection and preservation.

About Herb Segars: Herb Segars is a photographer who specializes in wildlife and marine subjects. He lives in Brick, New Jersey, USA with his wife, Veronica. Herb spends a great deal of time SCUBA diving and photographing in the nutrient rich Atlantic waters off his home state of New Jersey. For more about Herb Segars visit:

About Jenni Ward: Jenni Ward is a California based ceramic sculptor who creates abstract pieces and installations inspired by nature. Her mission is to share the beauty she sees in the natural world through her art. For more about Jenni Ward visit:

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