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Black is the mark of my design studio.
Everything is printed on Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black paper, the most black paper yet, with UV and engraves techniques.

The idea is to use a non-color to design a mark for a design studio, because I see a design studio neutral, adaptable to the needs of the projects.

I think that is interesting to approch to the project thinking first at a non-color, thanks to the particular paper, and then to the shape, that has to be a container of iconical representations of the creative design (compass, pencil, grids) in a clean and well distribuited grid and mood.
Enjoy the gallery!

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by Leonardo Mattei

  • #727277
  • #110E0F
  • #63646C
  • #999FA8
  • #333233
  • #9094A5
  • #D8DBE1
  • #4C4D54
  • #626463
  • #57575A

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