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Visual Identity Proposal – “Campo Grande 111” bookstore has been open for several decades, right in the heart of Lisbon and it was bought last year by the “Ler devagar” group. At this time, the bookstore is just like it was when bought, including the brand itself, named after its current address. Now the new owner wants to redecorate and transform it into a new project, starting with a new name and visual identity. The space is intended to be ideal to relax, by spending the afternoon drinking tea, coffee or even a glass of wine, while reading a book, or working at the computer. It includes a gallery in the basement, several rooms with one in particular dedicated to illustration and fanzines, a special area for children, another reserved for comics, national and foreign authors, French and Belgian in particular. A fourth room, the Graphic Arts room, holds a letterpress printing machine, a Lounge with space for workshops and finally a small and cozy café.

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by Bruno do Nascimento

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