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There are so many people doing amazing things right now to help others – so many who deserve a giant thank you. If there’s someone you’d like to say a really big ‘thank you’ to in these strange and difficult times, Leeds-based design studio Split has a record-breaking solution.

To raise money for NHS Charities Together, Split’s creative director, Oli Bentley, has designed and printed some giant ‘thank you’ posters.

One and a half metres wide and a metre tall, they are hand-printed on the People Powered Press, holder of the Guinness World Record as the largest letterpress printing press of its kind in the world.

You can nominate someone to receive one of these massive messages of thanks through Split’s website, and they’ll receive their print in the post. All proceeds will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

A smaller version – ‘ta’ – is also available on paper measuring 70cm by one metre..

Oli says, “There are so many people doing amazing things right now, for their communities, their families, their neighbours, and we want to express our gratitude in the most visible way we can. Pretty much everyone will be feeling grateful to someone at the moment, so we hope people will take this opportunity to thank someone personally, as well as helping to provide support through their donation. We’re really excited to imagine these giant prints being delivered to people’s homes, or to hospital wards, bus depots or schools, and we can’t wait to hear where they end up.”

Split’s ‘thank you’ and ‘ta’ posters are designed using a new typeface designed by Oli, called Obscura, and hand printed in neon orange ink.

To buy one for someone/somewhere you’d like to thank, visit www.split.co.uk/shop


To arrange an interview, please contact
Oli Bentley
[email protected] | 0113 245 2062

To see more of the prints online, including a making-of video, visit: split.co.uk/shop

Images and videos can be found here:

Notes to Editors


Split is a small design studio, based on Quarry Hill in Leeds. Split works across multiple disciplines for clients and on self-initiated projects. The studio creates brands, record sleeves, websites, books, exhibitions, installations, fonts and (often very large) prints. By working closely with clients and communities, Split strives to create considered work that reflects the complexities of each individual brief, problem or subject matter.

Twitter: SplitUK
Instagram: @Split_Design

The People Powered Press

Built by JKN OilTools in Batley, the People Powered Press was originally created for Split’s These Northern Types project in 2018, and is the largest letterpress printing press of its kind in the world. Split runs the press on a not-for-profit basis, to amplify local voices and words worth spreading. Split works with community groups through writing and printing workshops, to create prints that are then displayed in the heart of the groups’ communities – outdoors and in.
#PeoplePowered Press
Instagram: @PeoplePoweredPress
More about the press: https://www.split.co.uk/work/the-people-powered-press/

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