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According to the world practice of leading the business, more than a half of total number of businessmen is defeated in the first three years of their activities. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid of this statistic. But not everything is so bad. Moreover, there are too many businessmen who started from the scratch and became successfully. So what is the secret of successful business?

The main goal in business is getting a profit. Any company is created for getting a profit. The profitability is the main factor of the success. Even the well-organized business can’t be call business, when it can’t bring profit for its owner. It can be called like a hobby for the owner.

Marketing is the basis for development. Every product even the best and the most unique ones need to be promoted. Customers can’t buy any goods, when he/she doesn’t know about it. Business can’t exist without clients. And the important task of entrepreneur is to work with clients.

The improvement the systems of sales. For stable growth of incomes the well-structured system of growth in sales must be needed.

Complete accounting and control. To have a successful business you must know everything about it from the inside and out. Neither the system of marketing, nor the strategies will be effective, if there is no authorized information.

Creation of your own private base of clients. It is too important to have your own base of regular clients. It is well-known fact that regular customers are the main source of maximum profit. Communicate with the customers, save their contacts and give them an opportunity to use bonuses and discounts.

Management of personal. Effective system of management the workers is the key element in any successful business. You should be so attentive to hire the workers. The result of the activity of the company depends on them.

Use successful methods. There are too many models of business which are so successful and checked. Entrepreneur shouldn’t be afraid of changes, which will lead your nosiness on the new step of development.

The solutions of strategical tasks. All responsibility is on the owner of company. That’s why he needs to find ways of solution the problems and teaches workers to do the same things. In opposite way he will not have free time for something else.

About the Author: Erik E. Walker writes for local newspapers, magazines and ok essay . He is a real fun of her work. Erik works for people and they like his for his posts.

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by Erik E. Walker

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