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In 2012 I was in a drawing class at GMU and we were learning about perspectives for a portion of the class. I’d studied architecture previously and had take a whole perspectives course during those studies, so I had an idea of how to draw them. And when we were doing them in this drawing class I felt pretty comfortable. Then we had a project assignment to draw anything we wanted, as long as we used perspectives. I enjoyed learning this because it allowed so much freedom and creative expression that I looked forward to doing something possibly great. And then I tried it: I drew one perspective and then turned the paper sideways and drew another perspective, and then turned the paper upside down and drew another perspective, and so on. Then I saw what I did, and liked it! A lot! I actually liked it so much and was inspired enough to attempt doing such a thing on a canvas that was quite a bit larger than that first perspectives drawing. And that canvas is what is now titled Red Horizons.

As far as the origins of Piop Art are concerned, well, those words (or that description for some of the art I do) basically came about from me not really finding a category or form or type of art that really described what I did with perspectives, nor did i find a good fit for what I was doing. Then after describing what I was doing as “perspectives inside of perspectives” and writing those words down over and over again it became a bit long, so I started writing “p.i.o.p.” Then eventually the periods were taken out and “art” was added as a word that followed and then “piop art” was born.

Now, I don’t really know how to paint, but here I am with some paintings because I just felt like doing them. These first 7 are primarily gray toned, but with a hint of color. Actually the color is the instructions on how to do these paintings. And working in gray tones I think allowed me to learn how to paint (at least a little bit) in the process of doing these. But, what’s important is that I had fun, despite the challenges and “battles” i had with painting and thinking. Speaking of thinking, I really think these paintings and Piop Art in general can help and inspire people and the world by bringing different views and ideas to situations that may appear to only be one way or a few ways. Basically anything is possible, but if someone doesn’t think so, well, I ask: “how do you see what you see?”

There is much more to say and write, but I’ll stop here for now. If there is further interest to know more feel free to ask.

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by Arthur Lugauskas

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