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In ‘The Portfolio of…’ I give you, the photographer/ designer, a chance to share your work with the world. Everyone likes to get some attention for their works, and we’re here to help. Submit your portfolio to us and I’ll try to publish it. Today it’s time to show you the work of Kelly Heaton.

About Kelly Heaton: Kelly Heaton (b. 1972) is an American artist who combines traditional and electronic media. Heaton’s primary theme is the animating force of life, which she explores using circuit design, kinetic sculpture, time-based narrative, and spirituality. Her art juxtaposes the natural with the man-made to question what is alive and who is the creator. Heaton’s work has been featured in exhibitions in the United States and internationally, including the ADAA Art Show, The Science Gallery at Trinity College, the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and two solo shows at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.





















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