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In ‘The Portfolio of…’ I feature one designer a day and give all of you a chance to share your work with the world. A lot of you are looking for ways to share your work, get your name out, reach possible clients, you name it… We’re here to help! Submit your portfolio for a chance to get featured here. Today it’s time to show you a selection of the works of Jarmila Mitríkovaá& Dávid Demjanovič.

Jarmila Mitríkovaá& Dávid Demjanovič: We work as a duo on the pyrography project since 2009. We use traditional folk technique (burning motives into the wood with hot wire), which is still mainly used for production of souvenirs and items referring to folk culture. We work with folk art reference, sliding it into the context of contemporary art. There is significant internal link between form and content . We perceive folklorism as a subculture and we pay homage to it, but in our own way. At the same time we demystify its true relationship to the nation and its history. We plot and distort events, myths, traditions or rituals, thus problematic past and current national and political reality. Not always we refer to specific historical events: We are interested in standardized public and social ceremonies such as the laying of wreaths, speeches to the crowd, revealing memorials and the like. Sometimes the image and the story unfolds in a certain timelessness and accurate unidentified places, which are, however, a suspiciously familiar to the viewer. We are expanding into other media making performances, videos and objects which in return refer to the motives used in our burned paintings.

We have now new artworks, mostly in medium of ceramics. We spend all summer in old chamotte bricks factory in rural part of Slovakia, where we were working on these ceramic sculptures and fired them together with bricks in so called Hoffman kiln. We also use acrylic polychromy, as a reference to folk art sculptures.












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