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In ‘The Portfolio of…’ I give you, the photographer/ designer, a chance to share your work with the world. Everyone likes to get some attention for their works, and we’re here to help. Submit your portfolio to us and I’ll try to publish it. Today it’s time to show you the work of David Goh.

David Goh: I’m passionate over storytelling from all forms of mediums: film, TV, books and especially video games, as I believe them to be the future of storytelling.

When I’m particularly inspired or moved by a story, I create something that reflects and expresses this inspiration — that’s what Hyperlixir is for. More often than not, my modus operandi is capturing a specific scene/moment and then portraying them in a manner that a) pays tribute to the story and b) represents what the scene means to me.

When I’m not working on new pieces or gaming, I do graphic design on a freelance basis and maintain a stock vector portfolio for self-sustenance.






















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