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Periodic TableWare is a kickstarter project by Marshall Jamshidi. It is a line of drinkware based upon the iconic look of laboratory glass. Just as a chemical reaction where two or more materials are combined to form a novel substance, Periodic TableWare is a synthesis of two intentions; A creation produced when the Form of Laboratory glass is applied to the Function of drinkware, both for the table and the bar. And you can have this as well, simply visit the kickstarter project over here.

The story

Laboratory glass has an appeal that is both alien and recognizable. Its iconic look conveys the power of science, and in its clarity are curves that are clean and beautiful. From this realization, Periodic TableWare was born. Using scientific glassware as both the material and inspiration, Marshall has developed a line of drinkware that aims to be simultaneously entertaining and practical, elegant and amusing, nostalgic and unique.

The Process

Once this idea struck, he immediately dived into studying the entire range of existing laboratory glass and quickly realized this was largely unnecessary. To make this line translate he needed to use glassware that is commonly recognizable, i.e. beakers and flasks, not esoteric specialty tools. Sketches followed.

While these ideas were his starting point, it was once he started prototyping (At Drayton Glass works in Savannah, Georgia) that the line really started to take shape.

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