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Should we use a serif, or a sans-serif? What weight should we use, thin, medium, bold? What style should we use, italic, normal? I am talking about fonts. As I designer we all have experimented with fonts (I think). And it’s hard to find a perfect font, especially because of the many choices out there. And even with so many choices it is possible that the font you’re looking for is still not there. The team behind The Hungry Jpeg have made a collection with 40 premium fonts available for $29,- (95% off the standard price, but only this month!). Designed by some of the best graphic designers and illustrators in the world. All fonts included can be be used for both personal and commercial use. For more information regarding the license included within this purchase, please visit the bottom of this page.

Below some of the fonts from the bundle, if you’re interested in the whole set, check out their special promotion page.

Sugar Plums by Sweet Type

Sugar Plums is a new hand written font for 2015 designed by Sweet Type. Available for both personal and commercial use with no extended license is required. Download and use Sugar Plums Script for anything and everything. Including over 120 different hand drawn characters for a range of languages and dialects. As well as an Italic version and over 60 hand drawn ornaments and phrases which are ready to use with one click.

Visby by Connary Fagen

Friendly and charismatic in lowercase; sophisticated and authoritative in uppercase. Visby (by Connary Fagen) is a geometric font family inspired by the stark beauty and crisp air of the Arctic North. Hard lines and sharp corners mesh with smooth, rounded forms while subtle humanist influences add warmth. Five weights, obliques, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets and OpenType features make Visby a good friend to have.

Wilder Handdrawn by Swistblnk

The Wilder Handdrawn family is actually a set of four different typefaces. Not only will you receive these four stunning fonts, but included at no extra cost is a free bonus set of vintage hand drawn vector illustrations.

Franklin by Noah Kinard

Franklin is a beautifully created new typeface by Noah Kinnard. A simple but elegant font perfect for personal or commercial use. Purchase of this mega bundle of course includes a commercial license for usage with any project.

Clementine Script by Sweet Type

Clementine Script is a tangy new hand crafted typeface created by Sweet Type. Its thick and thin line combinations make it a very unique looking hand drawn font.

Manifold by Connary Fagen

Manifold (by Connary Fagen) is a sans-serif family built for legibility and a utilitarian style. A versatile typeface inspired by the cold precision of a classic computer terminal, softened by modern sensibilities.

Manifold’s unified letterforms and midrange x-height work for longer copy. Alternatively, track it out to lend a sophisticated look to titles and headlines. Five weights, a set of obliques and extended forms suit the font well for any situation.

Hinted for the screen, Manifold also excels in print. OpenType features include ligatures, oldstyle figures and fractions. Russian and Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabets are supported, as are several Latin script European languages.

Filter by Connary Fagen

Filter (by Connary Fagen) is an experimental, geometric display font in three weights. Fusing constructivism, 1980s computer design and modern sensibilities. Filter is exciting, fun and (questionably) useful. Features support for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Future updates, expansions and bug fixes are free!


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