On-the-Go Designers Owe a Lot to the Internet & Technology

Back in the early days of digital design, designers had to sit at their desktops and make out logos and other graphics. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it can be difficult for the design on the go, which needs to constantly move around and doesn’t have time to sit at a desktop. However, there are many mobile solutions for these designers, and mobile Internet has also helped greatly with sharing, creating and getting inspired.

Most mobile solutions, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets come pre-installed with basic design tools, such as MS Paint, but your advanced designer on the go needs something with a little more power. For this designer, there are many apps and programs that can be used that are quite cost-effective.

On-the-Go Designers Owe a Lot to the Internet & TechnologyOn-the-Go Designers Owe a Lot to the Internet & Technology

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Some of the best designer apps include Brushes, Sketchbook Pro and Inspire Pro. Brushes has 19 different digital brushes, and each one can be adjusted for spacing, size and opacity. There is also a diverse color palette. Pictures can be shared to Flickr, and they can be exported to QuickTime. Sketchbook Pro is like Brushes, but it comes with 75 brushes instead of 19. Inspire Pro does not have many brushes, only five, but the brushes are incredibly realistic, making them great for digital designers that want to make it look like they really painted a picture. The brushes can also be fully rotated.

There are also many other apps for designers on the go to accommodate for different artistic tastes, export needs and sharing features. Designers should check out these other programs to see what best fits their requirements, so they get the perfect app for their designing style.

Not only are these apps available, but mobile devices have Internet capabilities. The most obvious benefit to this is being able to share designs. For example, without mobile Internet, if the designer draws something, he or she has to get back home to share it with the digital world or with a client. This can take a lot of time out of the day, and may make it difficult to meet deadlines. However, being able to instantly share fixes this problem.

On-the-Go Designers Owe a Lot to the Internet & Technology

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Many other benefits are available to designers on the go with mobile Internet. If you do not know how to do something, such as make a graphic look like glass, you can search up a tutorial. Instead of going in blindly, you will know exactly how to make the graphic you want with comprehensive instructions.

Inspiration is also easy. If you just aren’t feeling the will or creative spark to design, you can use the mobile Internet wherever you are to look at other designs or images. This helps you think of a way to do your design, and it also gives you that creativity you need to satisfy yourself or a client.

 On-the-Go Designers Owe a Lot to the Internet & Technology

(Courtesy of Flickr User: ellenm1)

Finding a free mobile hotspot can be difficult sometimes, but there are a lot of websites that show you Internet providers by zip code. This will make it easy to get free Internet wherever you go. Another advantage to websites that show you businesses and other Internet providers by zip code is that they are very convenient, so you don’t have to blindly search around for such an area.

The mobile Internet revolution has helped the designer on the go in many ways. There are plenty of apps to choose from to do designs away from home, and he or she can easily share designs or look up inspiring images.

In many ways, the mobile Internet for the designer on the go is the best thing anyone could have ever wished for.

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