New Movie Posters for Tenet, Respect, Greenland and Palm Springs

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Movietime! Finally more and more we can watch in theaters again. Today I’d like to share with you the posters of four different movies. Tenet, Respect, Greenland and Palm Springs.

Tenet: A new masterpiece of Christopher Nolan. It looks like it’s gonna be a kind of Inception movie with a lot of interesting things about time. One fact for sure; it’s gonna blow your mind!

Respect: At least the character in this biographical drama earns a lot of respect; singer Aretha Franklin, played by Jennifer Hudson. Learn about her impressive career and life in this movie and find out what respect means.

Greenland: A natural disaster, apocalyps, chaos and a family drama. Greenland has it all. Gerard Butler stars in this new action movie and has to fight for survival. Of course the clock is ticking and the chances that they’ll make it to a safe haven are very small. Watch it in August!

Palm Springs: To end this small list, I chose a lighter movie for you with Andy Samberg. This comedy/romance is about two people stuck on a wedding in Palm Springs. Of course the wedding is not going to be the way they planned, otherwise it would just be a nice wedding video for the newly weds and not a movie you could laugh at in theaters.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs







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