New Hysterical Minds Release: Symphony

Yesterday, the famous international art collective Hysterical Minds released their 10th exhibition titled ‘Symphony‘. We’ve featured several of their releases and this one is sure one you have to see. A lot of awesome artworks in here :). With this release they wanted to bring a visual concert to your house, generated from a common passion that unites them as artists: Music. 

We have entitled this release as “Symphony” because we want to bring a visual concert to your house, generated from a common passion that unites us as artists: Music. We have given room for expression and creation, reinterpreting our favourite tracks, genres and authors, from classical music to industrial tunes, from black metal to dance pop, travelling through a wide spectrum of shades to bring you a diverse but coherent collection. We are sure that you will find some of your favourite music themes visually re-created in this exhibition from the personal visions of the collective’s artists, since we have material for everyone’s tastes. Plus! Don’t miss out the tracks that our musicians have created for this release, getting inspired by classical works of art and moreover, from the very visual pieces of this art-pack!

Garden of Aether

Read a Dream


Herper Lewis

Closer than it seems

In another life



Odile & Odette


Everything Dies

Sisters of Sorrow


Rhythm to the Rebels

Written in Waters

Inside the Music



The trip

Portrait #1


Blessed Curse


Inhabitant of the cemetery

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