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Below is a brief overview of the Myodetox brand identity system, created by Chén Fan and Maxim Cormier. Myodetox is both a new form of physiotherapy, as well as a lifestyle brand. Their initial thinking when starting the process was to create a contrast to the complicated method by establishing a simplistic visual image. Eventually this became more and more difficult as they looked deeper into the core of the entity itself, and then they hit a groundbreaking moment.

The tensegrity principle, the structural principle based on unrelated and isolated objects forming one structure and affecting one another was found to be the true heart of the Myodetox method. They knew this had to also be the heart of its identity and thus they found a novel solution to the problem before us. They established a tensegrity structure to be used as the jewel of this image, a forever changing centerpiece that is as dynamic as is the entity it represents.


















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