Murals for USA House in Rio 2016

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This year Charis Tsevis had the great honor and pleasure to work on a dream project for a dream team: Charis had been commissioned by Citi to create 3 mosaic murals for the Rio 2016 USA House. In collaboration with the creatives of Publicis One Team in New York City they had to create 3 mosaic murals to decorate the roof gardens of the seven-story marble-clad school building right on Ipanema Beach that is home to Team USA’s Olympic athletes during the 2016 Rio games.

The idea was to pay a tribute to the city of Rio its public art, the centuries long tradition of the Portuguese (and Brazilian) ceramic art and the modern street art of the US.

Below is the outside wall mural of the roof garden. It’s a 13.6 m x 2.7 m (44’6″ ft x 9′ ft) mosaic showing 8 champions from the Olympic and Paralympic Team USA.


Next are the 2 inside wall murals, showing 8 athletes in action. The length of the 2 combined murals is 13.6 m x 2.74 m (42′ ft x 9′ ft) and decorate the covered wall of the roof garden where the athletes relax looking at the Ipanema beach.

by Charis Tsevis


by Charis Tsevis

 This was first all rendered in 3D and then applied to the real building.

by Charis Tsevis


by Charis Tsevis


by Charis Tsevis


by Charis Tsevis


by Charis Tsevis


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