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A tradeshow booth provides an excellent opportunity for you to get in front of potential customers and use your custom exhibit design to promote your product or service. Trade show displays are vital when it comes not only to attracting new visitors but also for promoting your brand within your specific industry and to the media. But showing up with a few signs and flyers isn’t enough to draw the attention you want; you need a compelling exhibit that targets you customers and draws visitors from all over the trade show. Here are 13 trade show designs to inspire.

Nature’s Path – At the Natural Products Expo West 2015 this booth was a decided hit. The most compelling points were the counter tops comprised of recycled Nature’s Path cereal boxes, renewable and recyclable floor tiling and LED lighting.

Splashtacular –The concentric ring pattern and attractive lighting tones drew visitors with this trade show booths fresh and innovative design.


Boon – As well as using eye-catching colors, this booth tempts visitors by just allowing a teasing glimpse of what’s inside, drawing visitors in for a closer look.

BMC Software – Who could resist “following the road to transformation.” This booth creates a neighborhood-style display that uses streets and road signs to direct visitors to important information.


rmg Reveal Marketing Group – This 20′ x 100′ custom exhibit design in collaboration with Ace Bakery and Weston Foods was a hit in Chicago.

Green Waters – This trade show booth is truly unique. It uses garden growing from the ceiling to capture the essence of its product.


Allegro –This sophisticated yet simple trade show booth, for a bridal photography company, shows that you can create stunning exhibit without a high budget.

Plastribution – The U.K.’s leading raw plastics distribution company sets a trend with this innovative booth resembling a futuristic diner.

ThermoFisher – This tech company’s booth has clean, geometric lines that appeal to the eye and draw attention.

Trion Worlds – This display booth, complete with monsters, invites the visitor into the world of the sci-fi video game.

BlueTrek – This eye-catching booth takes advantage of a two-tier system, bright colors and clean lines to draw visitors.

VacuWare – Displayed at Chicago’s Home and Housewares Exhibition, this booth invites visitors to walking, sit themselves comfortably at the counter and enjoy a sample.

AT & T—This cool display takes advantage of digital media, clean lines, comfortable seating, and bright colors to attract and retain visitors.

ROHM – This LED lighting company invites people to peek behind their unique LED curtain to see what else they have to offer.

If you are looking for a company that provides full service design for tradeshow exhibitions you should consider what size exhibit you need, how you are going to transport its components to and from the show, what incentives you want to use to attract visitors and of course, the extent of your budget. Don’t forget that many elements from your trade show exhibit will be usable at other shows.

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