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What if people did not have bills to pay? What could life for the normal Canadian be like? I guess most people could not wake up from their beds or even head to work daily. However, we live in a capitalistic world where we must toil to settle bills and lead a life that we desire.

Money never seems to be enough, so humans are under pressure to work hard and get more. So how do Canadians get money for expenses and making ends meet? We consulted an expert in this area, Conrad Brennan (check profile), who shared the following:


Canada is the world’s tenth-largest economy with a GDP of over $1.73 trillion. The country creates millions of jobs for its citizens every year, and the unemployment rate currently stands at 9.6%. The service sector absorbs the biggest percentage of the working population as it takes three quarters while the rest are shared by agriculture and industry.

The minimum wage per hour in the country varies from one province to another, with British Columbia leading with $15.20. The monthly salary of Canadians also varies depending on the profession and terms of engagement.

Working on hobbies

When Canadians are not working, you will find them exploring their hobbies. Gaming is one of the hobbies loved in this country. Canada is the world’s 3rd largest employer in the video game sector, trailing the U.S. and Japan. A lot of investments have been channeled to this sector as Canadians are always on the lookout for fine things.

Online gambling is another activity that is quite famous among Canadians. You will always find such players on the best online casino Canada searching for online baccarat Canada that they can try out. Some of the platforms have bonuses that players can utilize and build on their bankroll.

Using their skills

Canadians are hardworking people, and you are not likely to find them waiting for the government to feed them. Instead, you will find artists displaying their fine arts projects for sale on various terminals. Musicians are also known for organizing concerts to entertain fans and earn a living.

In the corporate world, there are some skills that increase employability of Canadians. For example, experience tops the list of technical skills that job seekers should have. On the other hand, reliability is rated as the most considered soft skill for Canadian job seekers.

Selling physical products

Ask anyone who has ever visited Canada, and he or she will tell you that you always see something attractive. Of course, you can always visit St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market — Woolwich, Ont, the biggest market in the country during the summer and spring season. There are also other markets where you can find fresh farm produce.

Lovers of art and culture also have a variety of options to explore. Vancouver Art Gallery is the place to go if you are looking for both contemporary and historical paintings. It is also not uncommon to find people who offer to sell your paintings in different parts of the country.

Marketing other people’s products for a fee

The Canadian marketing sector has employed millions of people. The advertising sector is estimated to have generated about 11 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The citizens as well understand what the industry entails, and you will find marketers all over. Affiliate marketing is huge in the country, and you will find average Canadians signing up for affiliate marketing programs. Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce merchants that has an extensive affiliate program for Canadians.


A typical Canadian understands that life is unpredictable. You will thus find such a person saving for a rainy day and future projects. A salary or selling physical products may not be enough to buy that dream car or house. Such a person must thus develop a saving habit for some of the dreams to be realized.

Finding Canadians searching for the latest deals in the market is not uncommon. Shopping in bulk is also another approach that helps such people save. You will also find citizens bundling their services from one provider and get discounts.

The average Canadian can make money online as well on the physical market. It thus becomes easy for such people to pay their bills and fulfill their dreams.

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