Looking Back: Top Posts of 2012

This is going to be the last post of 2012, so before everything else, I wish you all an awesome New Year’s Eve and if you happen to be in London and wish to meet, let me know as that is where I will be celebrating the new year. To end this year, I have created a list with the 10 most viewed posts of 2012, check them out below.

Great Illustrations by Enkel Dika View Post»

A series of great illustrations made by Enkel Dika, an illustrator from Struga, Macedonië. (Published on Aug 2, 2012)


Realistic Pokemon View Post»

A selection with the awesome Pokemon fanarts designed by Karolina Twardosz aka Twarda8. (Published on Jul 16, 2012)


Nature In-Vader View Post»

A case study made by Adam Spizak. (Published on Dec 11, 2012)


James Bond Cars Evolution View Post»

An interactive infographic made by Evans Halshaw, in this post the images of the infographic. (Published on Nov 2, 2012)


Beautiful Artworks by Matkraken View Post»

A selection with the beautiful artworks made by Matkraken aka Matias Gonzalez. (Published on Dec 4, 2012)


Minimalist Disney Posters View Post»

Minimalistic disney posters with double meanings, designed by Rowan Stocks-Moore. (Published on 


Alice in Waterland View Post»

Alice in Waterland is an awesome project of Alice underwater instead of in the well known fairytale environments, taken by Elena Kalis. (Published on Aug 3, 2012)


Think Invisible – Posters That Will Make You Thin View Post»

Think Invisible is an awesome project created by Adri Bodor & Mark Szulyovszky, where there is barely anything in the image and yet you’re able to see what they designed. (Published on May 10, 2012)


Clever Word Play View Post»

A project where the unknown designer made some great stuff with words and their meanings. (Published on Feb 8, 2012)


The Outer Child – A World Of Men & Women In The Shape Of Children View Post»

Cristian Girotto and Quentin Curtat show us in their latest project how childs would look with grown up faces. (Published on Dec 12, 2012)


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