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Today we have a look at the works of Shane O’Malley, who is among a leading group of contemporary artists who have emerged from Ireland’s vibrant graffiti subculture, to work in the mediums of paint, murals and art installations. He is interested in the themes of identity, mental and emotional health, journey and self-hood. He has developed a unique visual language using bold colour and simple geometric shapes to communicate challenging concepts.

Shane: This artwork is from my series “Duality” which explored how the mind is drawn to seek out patterns in life.

“Taking inspiration from past struggles with mental health, I set out to make a series of uplifting images that use both colour and geometric patterns to create a contrast. A visual conflict, like a conflict of the mind but by choosing to focus on a pattern or a colour, the conflict disappears for a moment. Leaving you with a positive after thought.”

by Shane O’Malley


by Shane O’Malley


by Shane O’Malley


by Shane O’Malley


by Shane O’Malley


by Shane O’Malley


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