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The Corsairs project is a personal project developed by photographer Samuka Marinho as an original portfolio presentation. It is composed of over 400 images and has taken around a year and a half to be completed.

The project is also a tribute to the 300 years of the most intense era called Golden Age of Piracy, reporting historical facts that had taken place at the beginning of the 18th century mixed with imaginary events. The setting is a 24-hour period in the characters’ life, which allows the experimentation of a large nuance range and different lighting situations such as: night, dawn, afternoon and nightfall.

The images are presented according to a short script, giving the impression of frames cut out of a no dialogue short film or even a comic book made of photographs.

Among characters, open and enclosed spaces, particles and objects for composition, there have been more than 40,000 clicks, gathering a giant image database.

Besides photography and image processing, SAMUKA signs the entire creation, production, art direction, color script, storyboard, concept and, also, the scenery and the over 50 costume designs manufacturing.

by Samuka Marinho


by Samuka Marinho


by Samuka Marinho


by Samuka Marinho


by Samuka Marinho


by Samuka Marinho


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