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Everyone gets a chance to share their work here on TheArtHunters. You simply have to submit your portfolio to us and after we’ve reviewed (and approved) it, you’ll get a publication. Today we take a look at the works of Monica Carvalho, a 23-year old artist from London.

Monica: I was born in Switzerland of Portuguese parents. I moved to England 4 years ago to study History of Art and then Design for Communication. My passion is to create photomontages that will make you look twice :) I own all the images apart from the space backgrounds (i.e. planet Earth, galaxies). My aim is to create the perfect optical illusion. I believe that the world we live in is finite, whereas the imaginary world has so much more potential, is so much more interesting! I create my photomanipulations with software like Adobe Photoshop.


by Monica Carvalho


by Monica Carvalho


by Monica Carvalho


by Monica Carvalho


by Monica Carvalho


by Monica Carvalho


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