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Today we have a look at some of the works of Ariel McGee. Who shows us that, even if you don’t get the full support of your family, you should keep chasing your dreams.

Ariel McGee:  Art has been an escape for me for as long as I can recall. I remember when I was seven years old and I got my first disposable kodak camera. I went outside on my grandfather’s farm and I took as many pictures as the camera would allow me. I started seriously painting around age eleven, but I was soon discouraged by the cruel words of my immediate family. “What’s that even supposed to be?” “I hope you didn’t spend much time on that..”

However, as I grew older and began to separate myself from the toxic environment in which I grew up, I began to realize that I loved painting, and quitting for other people is worse than simply quitting. Instead of remembering the criticisms from my younger days with sadness and contempt, I remembered them in a more therapeutic manner. I painted harder. Faster, and with more seriousness whenever trauma from my past arose. I am so privileged to live amongst a community of artist and art supporters.

by Ariel McGee


by Ariel McGee


by Ariel McGee


by Ariel McGee


by Ariel McGee


by Ariel McGee


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