A Look Inside the Growing Library Of Typography Found In And Around Amsterdam

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In this post some of the artworks found at Glenn Doherty’s typography blog – a growing library of the very cool typography found in and around Amsterdam.

So many different styles, genres, ideas. All very unique, all very cool! It has been a great experience for Glenn putting it together. The idea of it is to reach people who also have a passion for typography and design and who might find it of interest.

Glenn is an English Art Director/Designer who’s been living and working in an ad agency in Amsterdam for the past four years, often fascinated and inspired by the creative way independent businesses reflect their personality through their style of signage  in Amsterdam. Everything from the choice of fonts, the materials and how it’s been crafted.

He tries and list the addresses of where each sign is found, which helps him create a map of where he’s been in Amsterdam and also to see if particular areas have similar styles of design when it comes to the signage.

Below a series of my favorite photos, be sure to check the blog for much more of this!














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