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While desktop computers have been an indispensable piece of equipment for more than two decades, the latest developments in the technology world could mean that a lot of people might start using mobile and portable devices instead of personal computers in a very short period of time. Although traditional computers still retain a very big market share, the use of tablets and smartphones has experienced a nearly exponential growth. This article will help you learn more about the latest trends in the tablet market, allowing you to find the right model for you.


Although the Apple iPad was one of the first tablets that were released on the market, it still regains much of its initial popularity. Apple released the 4th generation of its best-selling tablet on 2012, improving features such as the screen resolution, the battery life or the internal storage. If you are looking for an incredibly attractive design and a very reliable product, the new iPad might be the best tablet for you.

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The iPad has become the most popular device on the market. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a sleek and stylish mobile computer that combines the best of personal computers and pc tablets, Microsoft Surface could be a great alternative to the most popular tablets. Microsoft Surface allows the user to use the device as a traditional tablet, but it is also possible to buy a keyboard that turns Surface into a laptop, making these devices the future of the industry and if you would like to use a pc tablet to write articles or browse the Internet, Microsoft Surface offers you a very interesting and integrated solution.

If you are looking for an incredibly attractive design and a very reliable product, the new iPad might be the best tablet for you.


Android Tablets as a Cheaper Alternative

While Apple and Microsoft have developed excellent pc tablets in the last few years, Samsung and Google have been able to offer a wide and diverse range of mobile products for less money than their rivals. Google started developing the Nexus tablets after the announcement of a new line of products in 2011. The most popular one, the Nexus 7, is a 7-inch tablet based on the Android operating system, making it very easy to use and a great alternative for those people looking for a cheap device. Samsung, like Google, has also developed a series of Android tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. To conclude, it is very important to compare some of these pc tablets and choose the one that suits your needs better.

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