Latest SEO Methods to Avoid Over Optimization

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With the growing popularity and density of the internet across the globe, the web has evolved leaps and
bounds from its initial nascent stages in the early 90’s. The sheer amount of information published and
shared each day is phenomenally high and going up with each passing day. With an exponential increase
in the number of published content available online, search engines have had to undergo major revamps
from time to time to keep pace by allowing better search engine optimizations both for publishers as well
as the last end users.

Latest SEO Methods to Avoid Over Optimization

Overview of Search Engines Periodic Algorithm Update: There is an upheaval in the SEO industry
whenever major search engines like Google and yahoo bring about massive changes to their search
algorithms. With Search engine giant Google’s announcement of massive restructuring to their search
algorithms to avoid spam content being spidered. The updates by Google known as Penguin and Panda
may have blocked spam content to be ranked higher but has also made sure that some of the older
SEO techniques no longer work as successfully. Webmasters and website owners have had to tweak
their SEO techniques in order to be complaint with the requirements and yardstick of penguin and panda

Recommended SEO Techniques to Improve Ranking and Cutting out Over Optimization: Now that
we know about SEO spidering algorithms and the recent incorporated changes in the Google search
spidering algorithm with penguin and Panda updates, let us take a look at some of the best techniques
that can allow better optimization for websites, blogs and other content.

Latest SEO Methods to Avoid Over Optimization


# Cut Out Broken Links: Since Google’s new search updates were made with the purpose to cut out
spam links from getting rankled higher in search results, nothing is a bad turn off for the search engine
bots than bad or broken links. What’s worse is that search engine can label your website as low quality
index website with lower authority levels due to the presence of bad links. Since search results in the
highest driver of traffic to any website, its advised to do routine link checkup at regular intervals to avoid
any broken links.

# Use Guest Blogging for Better Ranking: Having a business and a web presence is one thing but
getting it to be highly popular online is quite a different thing. The power of blogging and appearing on
guest blogs is a one stop solution for both as it not only allows to build your company’s online reputation,
blogging offers a powerful SEO technique than no search engine can ignore. Keeping a regularly
updated blog not only helps in getting better rankings in search engines but also allows companies to get
dedicated followers that can spread the word online. Remember to create unique and useful content that
can be the trigger for users coming back to the blog a lot more than a one off visit.

# Use Interviews As A Promotional Tool: Getting interviewed by various media outlets if possible is one
of the highly successful SEO tool that can enable brand development as well as act like a magical SEO
tool to bring in unique traffic visits to your company’s website. Contacting fellow bloggers and interactive
industry segment specific forums can be a breeding ground for interview opportunities and remember
to be interactive and interesting while being interviewed and not repeat the same old technically boring

# Implement Social Media Promotion: Social media, social media, social media. The role of social
media has increased leaps and bounds when it comes to increasing popularity or SEO for any website or
company. Remember to have an interactive popular social media presence and not a bored social media
presence which is one dimensional and boring. Remember good and shareable social media content can
trend worldwide in a matter of minutes if implemented successfully. Statistics have shown that overall
CTR goes up by 94% when users and consumers are exposed to both social media as well as web
search influenced by a particular brand or company.

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