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I’ve played the Last of Us only once, but it’s one of the best games I’ve played. The story, visuals and settings are incredible. And when a game aims so high, you have to be sure that the whole campaign around it should aim high as well. Well, after seeing the official web designs, I can tell you that they give me the same impression as I had with the game. Stunning!

Naughty Dog approached Ignition Creative to create a fully responsive and dynamic HTML5 website for their latest tent pole game The Last of Us. The site designed to be a simple content first website while showcasing the beauty of the game. The whole site is built to be fully localized while pulling in all the data from multiple media outlets including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Delicious. This allowed Naughty Dog to update content on all their social channels with it automatically updating on the site.


  • Creative Direction: Nick Boes
  • Producer: Parker Sapp
  • Art Direction: Alvin Groen
  • Design: Alvin Groen, Jaclyn Yuan
  • Animation: Alvin Groen
  • Developer: Christine Chung

Below the visuals to give you an impression, be sure to visit the website for the full experience.











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