The Last Post of the Year

As the last post of the year, I always look back at that year. I graduated this year, but just before I did I made sure I added a lot of new functionalities to the website, the artworks section was added and the green ‘Daily Inspiration’ color become more important throughout the whole website. Brian provided us with a lot ’10 something’ posts, which overall where pretty well received and will continue next year. Mattia attended a lot of different exhibitions for us, and wrote a nice number of inspiring posts about them.

Besides those posts, a lot of portfolios and projects where submitted via the website and via email, a lot more than I can handle, so I need to be picky at the moment, the better a description added to a portfolio or project, the bigger the chance of getting a feature.

This will of course continue next year, so keep submitting your works. I’ll probably make the upload progress for the artworks a little better in the backend, so I can publish them quicker, but no eta on that. For now, I hope you’ll all have an amazing New Years Eve, if you happen to be in Paris, let me know, as that is where I will be celebrating this year…

This where the top posts of 2013, enjoy!

#10 – Minimalistic Animal Marks View post»

A series of illustrations made by George Bokhua, with as less as possible showcasing as much as you need…

#9 – Great Illustrations by Wawawiwa View post»

These kind of humorous illustrations always have my interest, this post contains a selection of the illustrations made by Wawawiwa, also known as Andres Colmenares.

#8 – Dancers Among Us: A Celebration Of Joy In The Everyday View post»

My personal favorite, probably of all posts I have ever published. A series of photos photographed by Jordan Matter.

#7 – Interview With Clet View post»

An interview with clet, by Mattia.

#6 – The Quote Illustration Project View post»

Tang Yau Hoong shows in a very creative way how you can imagine quotes…

#5 – Street Stone: Sculptures Dressed in Modern Clothes View post»

French photographer Léo Caillard and French art director Alexis Persani teamed up to dress ancient sculptures into nowadays clothing.

#4 – The Portfolio of Erick Martz View post»

A series of the artworks made by Erick Martz, the only portfolio post which got this high.

#3 – Movie Poster Inspiration: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and more… View post»

A series of movie posters from the posts I publish every Sunday. This one probably got this high due to the big movies which where in this selection.

#2 – Secret Hero Life – Pop Icons View post»

This post is worth getting this high, it’s a series of illustrations you have never seen before: The ‘naughty’ live of the superheroes.

#1 – 10 Awesome Infographics for Graphic Designers View post»

This post is still getting mentions on a weekly base, even though it was published almost a year ago. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out and let me know what you think!

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