Kikk Festival 2013 – Day 2

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Considering the unique Belgium’s beers and the party Kikk organised the night before, the early start for the second day could have been quite a shock- but quite surprisingly the attendance was impressive from the start.




Surprise that immediately got cleared out as soon as I realised what kind of exceptional designer is Nalden. He is the founder of Wetransfer, platform that since 2010 is making everyone’s life on the web way easier and aesthetically pleasing through a website that is fast, reliable and most importantly almost ads free.


He told the crowd how content is essential and how in order to be successful as a designer you always have to start from a specific need and build from that. Nalden’s new exciting project seeks to shine light on a new breed of artist that has adopted design and code to express themselves. The website looks nice and slick as usual.


Next one on the stage is the German designer Felix Beck representing, possibly, one of the most excellent, cutting edge and innovative design studio in the world, ART+COM. Beck explained the workflow behind some of the ART+COM’s landmark projects: Kinetic Rain, Symphony Cinetique, Anamorphic  Mirror and Greifpendel. Interesting to find out the different techniques used by the studio to prototype the different installations that most of the time involve big public or private spaces.



Worth a mention the conclusion of Beck’s talk with an ever-inspiring middle finger poetic against NSA spying on billion of people worldwide.


Then the colourful and vibrant Anouk Wipprecht took over the stage for a talk that both impressed and inspired. The Ducth fashiontech designer explained how she perceives fashion and how she personally combines it with technology. A clever mix of fabrics, sensors, microcontrollers, motors, pumps or whatever is needed to create the tech couture she is famous for.  After speaking with her I was amazed by her technical knowledge in computer science, engineering and fashion.




Kyle McDonald is a bright and humorous American guy playing with design, code, philosophy and with a special interest in privacy. He recently started Going Public, a project where anyone on the web can “become” him. His incredible ability to critique and challenge surveillance reality became apparent when NSA officer knock at his door and confiscated laptop and personal effects during a clever project involving Apple’s costumers. He is also famous for his extensive research in 3d scanning and face recognition. Unfortunately McDonald had to leave the stage half the way through not feeling well. All my support to him, get better Kyle!



The final wrap up of the festival was a speaker of high excellence: Jessica Walsh. The American designer gave an inspiring talk on the role of play in design and her personal life focusing on how play have influenced specific projects in her career.


I’d like to conclude the highlight with a note and some pictures on the fantastic side projects at Kikk festival that included a very well curated exhibition, maker’s lab and an international contest. Special thanks to Kikk festival for the fantastic experience. See you next year!



The Kikk photographs are made by Olivier Cellière ( and Jean-François Flamey ( from Phase B:

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