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The 4th edition of Kikk festival confirmed the event as one of the highlights in Europe when it comes to creativity, new talents and established masters. The two days event was packed with curious, fascinating and provocative talks in the marvellous Theatre De Namur, as well as a stimulating exhibition with the freshest interactive design ideas and the marketplace where the audience could see first hand the most revolutionary and cutting edge products.

In the interaction design world Yuri Suzuki is some kind of a guru, his artist practice lies right between music, engineering, craftsmanship and poetry. The list of projects is infinite but I’d like to draw attention to the witty Musical Kettle, the result of his research on designing daily domestic noise, the poetic Sound Of Earth where he’s managed to inscribe a record on a sphere representing earth- each country on the disc is engraved with different sounds playing field recording collected by Suzuki himself over 4 years.



Other projects include Ishin-Den-Shin sound through touch developed with Ivan Poupyrev,  The pyramidi that we previously covered for Barbican, Robots for a campaign and the Sound Taxi project striving to make the city sound better.


Next on stage is Onformative, Berlin based studio for generative design. Onformative hit every major international design blogs in 2012 with the game changing Unamed Soundsculture, where they, for the first time, applied generative design to the 3dimensional data collected by 3 Kinects filming a dancer- the result was, and still is a pure delight.


While continuously trying to “redefining yourself and staying excited” they created a number of extraordinary projects, 4010 Facebook tree is a computer generate drawing of a tree visualizing the social interaction with the facebook account of Deutsche Telekom. GoogleFaces is a self initiated project that is the direct result of “asking stupid questions and trying to find an answer”- in this case they analysed millions of google earth images through an algorithm scanning for faces embedded in the natural morphology of our planet.

MakeOurMark project developed using webGL and Three.js, invited people to answer the question of who they are by sharing their thoughts and experiences via twitter and instagram.

Stuart Wood is the founder of rAndom International, as well as being the guys responsible for more than 77.000 people queuing for as long as 12 hours to see the Rain Room at Barbican back in 2012. A funny guy nonchalantly going through, what is probably, one of the most successful art show in Britain’s history.

Audience is one of his earliest work, but still one of my favorite. A room filled with small mirrors that follow visitors walking through the installation in an inquisitive, synchronized movement.



Last on stage for day one is Casey Neistat, the first ever youtube filmmaker.

I don’t care about ideas. Ideas are cheap, common, don’t mean much. Execution is what matter. Show me don’t tell me.

This approach is crystallized in a number of videos shaped by a lack of formal training and resources but fuelled by charism and perseverance. Take a look at his most famous Bike Lanes that made his way to New York City’s major within a day from release, MakeItCount that made Nike management go nut, Snowbording in New York City epitomizing everyone’s dream and the noteworthy What Shall I do with 25.000$ where he managed to divert money from 20Century Fox towards victims of typhoon Hayan.


After the conference I headed down to Portée, an interactive, multi-sensorial experience in the main church of Namur. Visitors were invited to explore the spatial and interactive qualities of music by touching and triggering vibrations of electroluminescent threads tensed inside the church, each thread was hooked up to a different note of the piano, making the visitors the actual musician.


This is the result of a great execution and concept by french collective Lab212, in this specific case represented by talented Cyril Diagne and Béatrice Lartigue.

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