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Over the years that I manage this website it’s become clear to me that online presence is very important if you’re a designer. That’s why we have a page here where you can submit your work so we can help spread the word. Sites like Behance, Shadowness and DeviantArt are good places to build your online presence. But it’s much more professional if you have your own domain with your own website on it, so you can send all your potential clients to your own domain.

The problem for designers to own a website, is, in most cases, the coding needed to run your own site. You either are a designer or a developer, being both is rare. I’ve tried it, but decided that I am more of a developer than a designer, I love to do some designing, but to stay up to date with all rapid changes in web techniques I had to make a choice: or spend my time focussing pure on design, or pure on development. I came to the conclusion that  development was more my thing, so I dropped the designing. Every now and then I do some web design, but the photo manipulations and digital art I did a few years back have stopped (for now). So for me, it’s no problem to develop a website totally to my likings. You’re looking at the proof of it.

I understand however, that when you chose the other direction, the coding is a lot harder. And that’s where Webydo comes in, a professional website design software for designers. I’ve had a look at it to see if this could be something for you to use. Below the introduction they use at their website (very well created in my opinion). It shows you how easy it is to work with their software…

The needs

Let’s say I wanted to set up a new portfolio website. There are a few things that are a must for me: First I need to have an easy way to upload and organise my works. As a designer you have quite some images sitting on your disk, especially if you also share your work in progress (which you should, cause I love to see them). Second I want it to be responsive, it’s 2014 and mobile devices/ tablets are more and more common, so those visitors will probably end up on my website. When I edit a page I want to see how it looks on the front-end right away (so called What You See Is What You Get).  I also want the possibility to sell my works, I want the possibility to run a blog as well, I want the ability to create a design to my liking and above all, I want to do this without the need to understand the code behind it all. By now you’ve probably guessed, but Webydo has it all. And unless you want your custom domain (which you should), it’s all for free.

Features & why they matter
  •  Code free – You decide how your website should look like, simply by dragging and dropping. You don’t need to have any coding skills, once you’re happy with the design Webydo makes sure you get the code you need.
  • Webfonts – Fonts are awesome and they become more and more available for the web. No need to stuck with the default fonts when there are much better fonts. Webydo offers a huge library with ready to use webfonts.
  • Cross Platform – As mentioned earlier, it’s 2014 so every decent web design software should have an option to create responsive web designs.
  • Advanced Web Design Features – now that HTML5 is offering so much awesomeness, it’s time to embrace its features. Add some opacity, or shadows to let your design stand out.
  • In-Browser editing – handy when you’re reviewing one of the posts you created. You spot a spelling mistake, quickly change it right in the browser and the mistake is gone.
  • WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get, everything you edit in the browser is exactly how it looks like for your visitors.



All the above was written with the thought of you as a designer creating your own portfolio. But let’s take a look at another scenario. The one where you are designing websites but are dependent on developers for creating the actual website. You designed everything pixel perfect, but after the developer created the website, you see small spacing mistakes all around the site. Quite frustrating as you now have to wait longer for the site to be finished, which means you have to wait longer to get paid. Webydo gives you the opportunity to use their software, completely remove all their branding and add your own. Now you can design and create websites yourself and deliver them to your clients with a working CMS. You can even use the software to manage the billing.



On their website they feature some websites with a small story per website. Below one image per website, to show you how different each website is.







So to conclude, if you still haven’t submitted your portfolio to us because you don’t have a website or you’re currently using another party for your portfolio but want more control over the layout, get started with Webydo and once you’re finished send us the link! Oh, and if you have any experience with Webydo already, share it in the comments!

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