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I love free stuff, and I don’t think I am the only one… A few weeks back I was notified about 1001FreeDownloads, a place where you can download free Vectors, Photos, Icons, PSDs and more. Most of the time, when I come across these kind of sites, they’re free for personal use, but require a payment for commercial use. Not this time! As they state on their site: “Downloads thousands of royalty free graphics and fonts for personal and commercial use. Updated daily.” The only thing they ask for you is to give some credits to them by placing a link on the page you used the downloaded files. Not bad if you look at all the different kind of downloads they offer.

The site

The website is in a perfect present-day design, a flat style with simple colors and big typography. All categories are added to the main navigation, so for a quick filter you can simply select one of the menu items, which brings you to a perfectly aligned overview of all related downloads. For a better filtering they’ve included a visible searchbar in the header (and even better visible on the homepage). Besides the site, I also like their logo, or better, the icon they use to represent the number 1001.


Even better is the fact that they like to work with you, the designer. I know from experience here on DI that everyone likes to get featured. I receive dozens of emails on a daily base with portfolios, projects and artworks. And that’s the cool thing about 1001FreeDownloads, they offer every designer a chance to get highlighted, from the site:

“If you’re a designer looking to get your work featured here please submit it here. We’re also looking to expand our team and hire more freelance designers from around the world to design more exclusive files. If you’re interested, please send us samples of your work and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.”

And if that is not enough, you might even get hired if they think your work is good enough. In that case you will be able to create exclusive content for them.


This process is so simple it can’t go wrong. You search through their huge library of files for the perfect item. You click on the desired item and you will be redirected to the download page of that item. Simply hit the download button and you’re ready to use the file. You’re allowed to download 50 items a day, a limit they use to prevent abuse. I think 50 a day is more than enough, but if it isn’t, simply come back the next day for 50 more.


DI wouldn’t be DI if we didn’t show any images of what we’re talking about. Below a selection of free downloads available via 1001FreeDownloads. Enjoy! And don’t forget to pay them a visit to look for some files for your next project.








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